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Welcome to the SAVE OUR WATER website

SOH2O is dedicated to protecting fresh water supplies in the state of Maine. Our efforts are focused within our state and we work to prevent large scale water extraction, monitor our local water district, enact legislative protections for our water, and educate local communities to the importance of local control of our water.

As Only Stephen Colbert Can Present It!

Which is to say nothing further could be added. Click here to enjoy! (You’ll have to muddle through an add.)

Peter Brabeck of Nestle Declares Access to Water is not a Human Right

Posted 04/30/2013, 11:05PM

That’s easy to say, when access to water will never be a problem for you. (Or, will it?) Our Friends at Truthout report here.

Video of Frybeurg Youth Speaking Out at MPUC Meeting

Fryeburg, Maine youth speaks out at the Maine Public Utilities Commission meeting. A must see video!

“9 year old boy testifies to the Maine Public Utilities commission regarding a proposed 45 year contract between the Fryeburg Water Company and Nestle for corporate large-scale water extraction from their aquifer. A majority of the townspeople want no contract. Nestle has previously sued the town for saying ‘NO’ to them. For being a bully and bad neighbour, Nestle was reprimanded by Luke.”