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New things from Save Our Water: car magnets and more

  • Please check out these new magnets Save Our Water is selling designed by architect Cynthia Howard:
    car magnet
    DONATION of $20.00 or more to SOH2O for this really awesome car magnet. Please send a check marked “car magnet” in the memo section to
    Save Our Water
    PO Box 634
    Kennebunk, ME 04043

  • Nestle in the News:
    Nestle Waters CEO defends company at documentary screening
    from Greenwich Times, 4/24/10
    Bottled water — is it commodifying a valuable public resource and harming human health and the environment, or is it a healthy alternative to sugary soft drinks, manufactured by a local company conscious of its carbon footprint?
  • Four new letters in the Letters to the Editor section added.