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Water is essential to life. It’s that simple. Without water we cannot live. That’s why scientists are so interested in whether or not there is or was water on Mars and other planets. Water in the past or present means that planet did or could support life. Without water, there can be no life.

The declining availability of fresh water is a global issue that will have far reaching consequences in both the near and long term future. As much as 40% of the world’s inhabitants currently do not have enough fresh water for basic hygiene. Millions die every year from waterborne diseases caused by the consumption of contaminated water or drought.

As available fresh water continues to decline globally, and consumption continues to increase, privatization of water will only cause increased prices to consumers through manipulation of supply and demand. We’ve seen this happen over and over with oil, gasoline, electricity, and food. Privatization only serves to control supplies and prices in order to generate profits for the controlling entity.

As water becomes the next “oil”, large multi national corporations like Nestle, and other bottled water companies have been quietly buying negotiating to acquire the rights to extract enormous amounts of water from municipal water supplies all over the United States. Often these deals are negotiated behind closed doors, and done so quietly (some would say secretly) that the deal is done before local residents even know that a deal is in discussion. These corporations are essentially buying off local water officials for pennies while these corporations secure millions of dollars in long term profits to be gained from a thirsty global populace.

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