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dropWaterCheck: Transforming your relationship with water

dropNathan’s Project Branch Brook Site – Save our Water’s myspace link started by Nathan, who has done an excellent job of collecting and archiving important information around our issue.


water news web site


dropDEMOCRACY SCHOOL presented by the
CONTACT: GAIL DARRELL, community organizer

The Daniel Pennock Democracy School teaches a new organizing strategy for communities, by first uncovering the hidden history of the usurpation of people’s decision-making authority. If we are going to make a difference, we’re going to have to think and act differently!

If you’re tired of battling just to slow down the rate of destruction to your community, environment, health and quality of life, and if you want to put your energy into stopping the damage, not limiting it, then it’s time to organize your neighbors to withdraw consent to the harm, and then assert your community rights and self-governing authority.


dropPOCLAD-Program on Corporations, Law, and Democracy


dropFrom the The National Environmental Service Center:

Helpful Products for Small Communities
The National Environmental Service Center is making available a collection of new, free or low-cost, products and publications related to protecting source water. These items are a result of our ongoing project with the Rural Community Assistance Program called SMART About Water, focusing on small community problems with source water contamination from malfunctioning septic systems.

Because the number of SMART About Water products has grown a great deal, we’ve restructured them on our Web site to be more accessible. The new materials are categorized by such topics as finance and management, regulations, case studies, and public education. We hope that these products will be useful to you.

You can view the complete list of products at our SMART website:

To order any of these products, call 800.624.8301 or by email at Request products by the item numbers that appear at the end of each product description. Shipping charges do apply.”


dropBureau of Land and Water Quality, Maine Department of Environmental Protection


dropMaine’s Drinking Water Program