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dropAll Bottled Up: Nestlé’s Pursuit of Community Water
Food & Water Watch’s report, “All Bottled Up: Nestlé’s Pursuit of Community Water,” reveals the loss communities experience when a plant shows up in a small town. Download the pdf here.pdf document [1.4mb]



Contact Nestle at
You can also call their hot line at 866.676.1672

Visit our National Links page to learn about other allies who are challenging Nestle.

Also check out our Nestle in the News page for news items related to Nestle.

dropSTOP Nestle Waters
Great site to keep current on Nestle Waters N.A. latest corporate assaults on our water resources as well as their bad corporate behavior. Also, a wonderful blog where people share their horror stories about how the corporation has impacted their communities. You will clearly see a pattern emerge when Nestle comes into a community.

drop“The Potential Effects of the Proposed Water Bottling Facility in McCloud”
Click here to download this report prepared by ECONorthwest.

dropFACT SHEET on Nestle written by the Polaris Institute
Click here to download the pdf.


dropBILLS and ISSUES lobbied by Nestle in Maine


dropProfile of Nestle by Responsible Shopper


dropCorporate Hall of Shame 2008
Terry Swier moved from Flint, Mich. to Mecosta County, an area full of cold water trout streams and pristine lakes –lakes that attract outdoor enthusiasts from across the Great Lakes Region.[1]

Unfortunately for Swier, she soon encountered a not-so-friendly neighbor. In 2001, she learned that Nestlé, the largest bottled water corporation in the world, was planning to pump more than 500,000 gallons of water a day from a nearby aquifer….Click here to continue reading this article.


dropNestle on the “MOST WANTED” Corporate Human Rights Violators
scroll down to read about Nestle


dropCorporate Profile Report on Nestle written by the Polaris Institute, 10/05
Click here to download the pdf.


dropNestlé’s ‘Pure Life’ in Pakistan
from Alliance Sud, 4/05
n 1998 Nestlé choose Pakistan as country to roadmap its global water strategy in the bottled water market. It produced and introduced “Pure Life” as “a source of clean water. Bottled water is often the consumers’ choice for a healthy beverage that gives them a source of minerals, helps to prevent obesity, and in so doing, reduces the risk of associated healthcare problems.”…Click here to read the rest of the article.
Click here to download a pdf of their Case Study:Drinking Water Crisis in Pakistan and the Issue of Bottled Water: The Case of Nestlé’s ‘Pure Life’


dropConsultation on Nestlé : Methodist Church House
The following are Baby Milk Action’s responses to questions given with the Briefing Paper on Ethical Issues Concerning the Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes, and Other Ethical Issues Relating to Nestlé.
Click here to download the pdf.
Read the Methodist Church of Great Britian’s take on Nestle.

dropNestle: Global Compact Violator
from Corporate Watch, August-September 2002, Newsletter Issue 10
Nestle is well known for its irresponsible marketing of breast-milk substitutes in the developing world. The company also has an appalling record when it comes to labour and human rights violations. Andy Higginbottom from the Colombian Solidarity Campaign reports on some of Nestles recent activities in Columbia…Click here to read the rest of the article.

dropLEGAL OPINION of groundwater withdraw by Nestle in Michigan
Letters sent from Attorney General Jennifer Granholm sent to legislators and Governor
John Engler in Mecosta County (Michigan).
Click here to download a pdf of the letters.