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dropletSend a message to the state: It’s our water new

dropletColumn in support of Nestle’s activities in Maine is rife with false assumptions and errors

dropletColumnist wrong to defend Nestle’s use of Maine aquifers

dropletPoland Spring issue still boiling

dropletEditorial does a great disservice to your readers

dropletWe are not specifically anti-corporation; we are, rather, totally opposed to the privatization, bottling and selling of our water

dropletThe Portland Press Herald is unaware of the facts

dropletIn response to the Another View

dropletNestlé comments in story untrue

dropletOrdinance should fail; water is essential

dropletWhat is going on in Wells these days?

dropletProtect Wells from commercial water extraction

dropletPolitical Shake-up in Wells

droplet‘Expert’ murky on water issue

dropletEggs But No Issues

dropletFight Extraction

dropletCitizens Seeing ‘RED’

dropletEditorial : Wells water vote may prove costly

dropletTap Water may be the answer

dropletWells’ water not for sale

dropletSupport for LD 237

dropletComments by Wells selectman unwarranted

dropletContract bad for water customers

dropletThe residents of Wells have spoken

dropletSpiller must resign after comments

droplet Vote “yes,” protect water

dropletOrdinance passes muster with SOH2O lawyer

dropletIn defense of Joan Mooney

dropletAnother view: Water is a valuable resource and extractors should have to pay

dropletPerspective should guide bottled-water policies

dropletColumn on Maine’s water didn’t address real issue

dropletWho decides on water rights?

dropletOpen Letter to Selectman Spiller

dropletMaine towns justified in skepticism about Poland Spring

dropletSupport for moratorium

Supports water moratorium
I support the moratorium on the large-scale testing and extraction of water in Wells for six months while the town takes a look at it and the voters pass an ordinance covering this activity.

This summer, I read that…Keep reading this letter here.


Local Control
To the Editor,
I urge the citizens of Wells to vote yes on Question 3 for a moratorium on large-scale water extraction. At present, ground water can be sold away because it has little protection in Maine law and no protection in town law.

Local control is essential because…Keep reading this letter here.


Safeguard groundwater
The editorial “Poland Spring paradox” (Sept. 23) was deeply disappointing. While claiming to provide a balanced perspective on a difficult issue, the piece was actually a thinly-veiled defense of Nestle Waters/Poland Spring’s operations in Maine…Keep reading this letter here.


Massive-scale water bottlers, in my judgement, are on the wrong side of history.
At a time …

* when planners and governmental agencies in Maine are removing dams to give fish the opportunity, even the “right,” to swim upstream and spawn as they did decades ago;

Click here to read the rest of this op-ed.


Putting profits before people
To the Editor,
Today the Associated Press and the BBC reported that nearly 53,000 children in China have gotten sick from dairy products contaminated with the industrial chemical melamine. Four babies have died after being fed melamine laced Nestlé baby formula, 12,892 children have been hospitalized and another 39,965 received out-patient care. The Health Ministry says that its tests have found the melamine in Chinese-made Nestlé brand milk.
Keep reading this letter here.


Hardly a Good Neighbor
The Sept. 23 editorial about Nestle’s Poland Spring Maine operations was completely correct in its assessment that Nestle is not a perfect company. Unfortunately, the editorial misjudged the severity of Nestle’s errors, brushing aside the company’s imperfections to favor a few token jobs and economic “development” that only…
Keep reading this letter here.


Water customers should look at facts, not spin
from the York County Coast Star, 7/3/08
The proposed contract between the KKW Water District and Nestle Waters North America, owner of the Poland Spring label, is short-sighted and not in the best interest of customers in the district and may be especially problematic for future generations given climate instability…Keep reading this letter here.


Should “surplus” water in Kennebunk and Wells be sold to Nestle and Poland Spring?
Most comments in the Press Herald have focused on the amount of water available, but many other factors would make this a bad deal for area towns, including the effect on local traffic and small roads.

The proposed agreement, Keep reading this letter here.


Decision Doesn’t Answer Water Questions:
A battle over a water district’s deal with Poland Spring may have ended, but Maine needs statewide policies.

The Kennebunk-Kennebunkport-Wells Water District recently tabled a thirty year agreement with Nestle, parent company of Poland Spring water. This decision to turn down millions of dollars was made only after hundreds of citizens united in opposition and made their voices heard…Keep reading this letter here.