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SUPPORT LD 1028 An Act to Enhance Municipal Home Rule Status

LD 1028 reads:

ยง 3009-B. Denying constitutional protections to corporations. A municipality may adopt and enforce an ordinance that denies a corporation constitutional rights, privileges, powers or protections that enable the corporation to avoid the enforcement of an ordinance or to challenge or nullify an ordinance.

Points to make about LD 1028

•The Maine Constitution recognizes that the people are the source of all governing authority
•Government is instituted by the people to secure and protect their rights to life and liberty
•Corporations should not be allowed to usurp our unalienable rights by asserting that they have the same civil and political rights that living people have
•Corporations should not be allowed to block our local authority and democratic processes in order to profit from our community
LD 1028 strengthens home rule by ensuring that corporations cannot preempt our local authority

Please take action to support LD 1028

•Attend the Public Hearing on April 29th
•Call the State House and Leave a Message for the Below Legislators in Support of LD 1028 CALL 207-287-1400
•Write a letter to the editor to your local paper (we can help you!)
•Contact the following committee members who will conduct the LD 1028 Public Hearing




KKW Water District customers should call or write a letter to the water district superintendent Norm Labbe to express their opinions about the water district signing a contract with the Nestle Waters corporation.

KKW Water District
attn: Norm Labbe, Superintendent
P.O. Box 88
Kennebunk, ME 04043

Norm’s phone: 207.985.3385

In Wells, where Nestle wants to extract groundwater there is a town “Ordinance Committee,” assigned with the task of writing an ordinance regarding groundwater. Nestle has submitted their own idea of what this ordinance should look like, which favors their interests of course. Citizens are mounting an education campaign so that people can sort out the truth, when this ordinance comes up for vote in the Spring.



SHOW SOLIDARITY with residents of Rangely who are boycotting Nestle/Poland Springs after the Maine Supreme Court ruling in July which upheld a 2006 Land Use Regulation Commission decision that allows Nestle to develop a pumping station in nearby Dallas Plantation. Rangely Residents say the pumping has caused changes in Rangely’s water tables and the company’s tanker trucks are straining the roads and disturbing the rural quiet and beauty of their area.

Maine now has a national campaign coordinator in our state, Amy Dowley, who is organizing college campuses, and restaurants to kick the convenience of buying water in plastic bottles and Taking Back The Tap. Please visit
She is also organizing the campaign to encourage restaurants to Eliminate Sale of Bottled Water.

PLEASE volunteer to help with these important campaigns. Sign up by vising SAVE OUR WATER’s contact page and sending us an email.

Here is a list of restaurants in Portland who have signed the pledge to ELIMINATE SALE OF BOTTLED WATER. Please support these establishments and let them know that you appreciate them not selling bottled (still) water.

Bull Feeney’s
375 Fore Street
Portland, ME
phone: 773.7210

Downtown Lounge

Portland, ME

Mesa Verde
Congress Street
Portland, ME

Norm’s East End Grill
47 Middle Street
phone: 253.1700

North Star Cafe
225 Congress
phone: 699.2994

Shay’s Grill Pub
18 Monument Square
Portland, ME
phone: 773.7210

212 Danforth
Portland, ME

The Tandoor
88 Exchange Street
Portland, ME