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Rangley, Maine

dropThe battle for water (letter to Sun Journal)
Contrary to how some media and critics have portrayed the struggle of the “water justice movement,” the battle is not about restricting water for farmers, ski resorts or local breweries. The battle being fought in Maine, and played out in other parts of the country, is for local control, as opposed to corporate control of a precious resource – water…Click here to read the rest.

dropHardly a good neighbor (letter to Sun Journal)
The Sept. 23 editorial about Nestle’s Poland Spring Maine operations was completely correct in its assessment that Nestle is not a perfect company. Unfortunately, the editorial misjudged the severity of Nestle’s errors, brushing aside the company’s imperfections to favor a few token jobs and economic “development” that only furthers an economic trend of sending millions of dollars out of state at the expense of Maine’s natural and human communities…Click here to read the rest.

dropSafeguard groundwater (letter to Sun Journal)
The editorial “Poland Spring paradox” (Sept. 23) was deeply disappointing. While claiming to provide a balanced perspective on a difficult issue, the piece was actually a thinly-veiled defense of Nestle Waters/Poland Spring’s operations in Maine…Click here to read the rest.

dropBottled-water industry shouldn’t be called ‘clean’ (letter to Portland Press Herald)Tom Brennan, Poland Spring’s natural resources manager, stated in the July 17 Portland Press Herald (”Water sale foes plan ordinance campaign”) that “Ours is a clean industry. We don’t have smokestacks.”

The lack of smokestacks doth not make an industry clean,…Click here to read the rest.

dropPoland Spring permit upheld by Supreme Court
FARMINGTON – The state’s highest court affirmed a Franklin County Superior Court’s decision to uphold state land regulators’ permitting of a commercial groundwater extraction station in Dallas Plantation.